KTN Tech Junkie..great idea at the right time

Kudos to Larry Madowo of KTN and the KTN for coming up with a brand new  show for anything but Tech in Kenya..KTN Tech Junkie as they call it. According to Larry Madowo” We’re about all things tech but given our mass market appeal, nothing too technical. Basically, tech in English, if you get the drift.”  Yeah tech made simple, meaning the show is not going to discuss:

$vuvuzelas_toomuch = 400000;

if ( $vuvuzelas_toomuch == 400000 ) {
	echo "Call BBC to ask for Vuvuzelas switching off button on TV";
} else {
	echo "Watch World Cup in Peace and stop disrupting the best World Cup ever";

The focus should be how tech in Kenya is going to help Wanjiku, the cool new ideas in the the tech scene,  and  in that, what does Wanjiku needs for her daily operations.

Wanjku will need to pay her bills..so let discuss Kenyan made payment systems..Did i say Kenyan made mmmmh? Mpesa, Zap, Pesapal, Ebills, Nilipe

Wanjiku will need to use locally made and customized systems or software..local payroll system, school management systems, point of sale, property management system, sacco management system, Human Reosurce management system , ticketing system,

Wanjiku will need to buy online.,.so what are the new e commerce developments in Kenya..Yeah the best is Maduqa.com.. Larry i am coming to discuss that soon..with your permission of course.

Wanjiku would want to know what kind of antivirus to use, how to protect herself both online and offline..AVG, Kersperskey, McAFee, Norton, Norde

Wanjiku would want to know who are driving the tech industry..who are involved in doing what in case they need them for consultations or advice or hiring

Wanjiku would want to know what strategy to use when come to online marketing, the issue of social media, the do and don’ts of social media

Wanjku would want to know the Government side of the story, what is the government upto, what is the government’s plans to position the country as the leader of  IT in Africa

How about the phones..i think she would want to know that too

Just mentioning a few that came on my mind as i wrote this post but Larry is asking for more ideas..so pour them on the comment section. You can also get in touch with Larry on this email techjunkie@standardmedia.co.ke.

To say it all, this has been long overdue, given the fact that tech is now central to whatever is going around us. be it companies, Government operations, running of businesses, home gadgets, leisure and the list is endless. For what i hear and forgive my ignorance on this, Kenyan vision  2030  is majorly based on serious ICT development in the country.

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--- Kennedy Kachwanya is a technology blogger interested in mobile phones both smart and dumb, mobile apps, mobile money, social media, startups ecosystem and digital Savannah. New media must not forget the strength of old tech.


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