Free WiFi vs Free T-Shirts.why should we accept free wireless and oppose free t-shirts?

The news is out that cofounder Paul English is planning to blanket the whole of Africa with free wireless WiFi.

According to Austin Carr of

JoinAfrica would first branch out existing Web connections in villages using, for example, simple WiMAC hubs. Through these hubs, JoinAfrica would provide residents with free basic Web service, including access to email, Google, Wikipedia, and various news sources. Downloads of data-rich video, porn, or other non-essential sites would be limited (similar to what libraries in the U.S. do now), via a process called “bandwidth shaping.”

Since the debate about? free #1millionshirts t-shirts is still going on, I found myself thinking about the? basis why we should accept free wireless and reject free t-shirts. To start with I seriously opposed the free t-shirts thing here

So Free wireless vs Free T-shirts, is free wireless idea better, why should we accept free wireless and oppose free t-shirts?

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