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Many developers and bloggers/publishers have in the past complained of lack of support to market their apps and publications. There is great news at long last, they now have chance to publish and distribute their mobile applications directly on Nokia?s Ovi Store, providing them with wider global audience

Dorothy Ooko, Nokia Corporate Communications East & Southern Africa Manager started off by asking developers and journalists present what they think Nokia should do to help the local developers and publishers

The following are some of Questions and how they were? Answered

1. Show me the money. Does Nokia have anything close to Adsense which the publishers and specifically bloggers can use to make money

The answer is no. Reason being, nokia does not have billing system although they are working on it.

2. For Apps developers, how do they get paid and how much from the revenue

The developers get 70% and Nokia 30% from the apps. The problem is, Nokia again still don’t have billing system and most applications on the Ovi Store are free.? Agatha Gikunda, the chief guest at the event insisted that the local developers should use the model used by internet giants like Facebook, where the application is free, but look for someone else to charge to help operate the it. Get as many people to use the apps and then you get the bargaining power.

3. There so many apps. on ovi store, how do you get yours to be noticed above the others?

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Nokia will specifically ensure that locally relevant applications get priority by ensuring that they are? top of the Ovi Store. What developers have to do is just talk to them and they will promote the apps. Two examples given are


Developed in Kenya. The application allow you upload your best shot/pic and give the other hotties to decide on that. So if you were not able to make it? to Tusker Project Fame, or Big Brother Africa or Miss World, you can still stand out among the crowd


Another one developed in Kenya. Find out about what fun events are happening in Kenya Tanzania Uganda and Mozambique: Theatre, Movies, Family shows…all?that

Ovi Store

Ovi Store

4. Nokia is advertising the mainstream media, why are they not advertising on blogs, yet they? invite the bloggers to their events?

According to Agatha and Dorothy bloggers have limited reach, and therefore the best media for them for their campaign is to use radio stations and TVs. The only way, is for the bloggers to come up with apps which aggregate most bloggs on the ovi store.? From there they will be able to talk to them.? Yeah, you know it the typical big brand syndrome, you are not big enough for us.? At the end the invitation part, is to use the free coverage and the opinions that the? bloggers offer.? The great power of free!!!

5.? Compatibility issue, does Nokia have away to ensure cross platform compatibility?

The developers targeting Africa or Kenya are advised to Focus on? Java apps, as most people in Kenya? are using simple phones. For the mass market reach you ought to think about who the target is and what they are using. Not yet time for? Smartphones? around here for many although? it is around the corner.

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6.? Does Nokia plan to have sms platform which to help reach wider audience and avoid using the likes of Safaricom which are restricted within East Africa?

No. In the next two years every phone my have that capability, and therefore there is no need for the sms platform

7. Why use Ovi store in the first place?

Ms Gikunda said mobile phone penetration in Africa surpassed the availability of computers and mobile devices and relevant software will play a crucial role in entrenching ICT development in Sub- Saharan Africa.

She said Forum Nokia would assist developers get their products to the market quickly and efficiently by delivering resources covering the entire mobile application lifecycle, from development to sales.

Dorothy Ooko said Ovi Store has the potential to reach over 60 million Nokia devices users globally, expected to reach up to 300 million consumers by 2012, making it the world’s largest media network

?We want to engage local developers to learn about the latest technologies and business opportunites that are at available at Nokia,? said Ms. Ooko.

7. What are some of the features of the Ovi Store?

  • Ovi Store has a tool to analyze the usage of a given app, you be able to know who downloaded the app, how many times,
  • Single signup, once registered the same account will be used across the store
  • Free and premium content on the store…They are ecouraging free at the beginning
  • Wide device support
  • Relevant content

Finally from twitter

mapambo RT @kachwanya @raidarmax nokia announcin their support 4 local developrs…<-Good news!Is it only mobile app developers or across the board?

The support is for mobile app developers.

raidarmax: @kachwanya please do a post…on the nokia event

Yes here it is

On the sideline

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I had nice chat? with Dorothy Ooko and @Jamesmurua about the local contents, how can the startups make it,? blogging and advertising in Kenya

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