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So you have gone to an office and at certain corner near the door there is suggestion box.? A suggestion box is a device for obtaining additional comments, questions, and requests, complaints. Now some creative Kenyans came up with what i would call Online Suggestion box.

GotIssuez.com is where you rant, speak your mind on phoney products, Substandard Customer Service and Brands that just? don’t get it . The website reward? members by offering them plenty of gifts they can bid for with the points they get from Ranting and Rating Issues.



When i met Mark Kaigwa during iHub launch, i was impressed when he explained to me? what motivated them to create the site. It is simple people have many burning issues about companies, government offices and these people can only get it when it is said luad.

The following the few examples of people who GotIssuez:

@uhusiano: As usual in a time like this #KNEC website is down!! ERRORThe requested URL could not be retrieved #gotissuez #KCSEResults2010 #fb

@247blink: Dude!there’s unoccupied seats in this bus and you come sit next to me then fart?? #GotIssuez

@majiwater: Why do .ke ISPs all want 2 b like Safcom when they grow up. Big & 0 customer service. #Zuku is down & customer service no is busy #Gotissuez

@peternjenga: PROMOS: #Safcon #Zain & YU #spamSMS all day. I just called #YU Customer Care & complained, they promise to stop… Nkt! #GotIssuez

@bankelele: Done with 800 page read, now back to blogs. Any CRS registry customers here #gotissuez like me? I.e. shareholders of KQ BBK NMG do share?

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@thedorc: Why is the presenter on .ke Ghetto radio dishing out medical advice that she got from her sister and her friends? #.kemediafail #gotissuez

@Rarin: Some1 needs 2 start cust. service training center in #Kenya.Teller chatting on mobile while tending 2 customer. #WTF #gotissuez

@wainainah: Lemmie fill out this ICT Board survey though i #Gotissuez with how TNS research Intl got my email

@rookieke: Thanks to Tusky’s ‘fresh meats’ section, Daisy’s having a glorious Christmas feasting on not so fresh chicken drumsticks #gotissuez

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