Confessions of a Harlot-Untold story of K-street

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Hosanna Paratroopers is staging a unique stage play this Easter. ?Confessions of a Harlot? is the story of one young woman who runs away from an abusive father to Nairobi City. Unable to find a job, Jasmine decides to rethink about what she can do.


Jasmine decides to become a sex worker. Her area of showcasing is Koinage Street and lives in a fictitious flat codenamed Koinange Flats. She has a string of clientele ? Ministers, mps, CEOs, managers. Life is good. But the bitterness against her father does not go away.

Linda shiko..acting Jasmine the main Harlot

Linda Shiko ..acting Jasmine the main Harlot

She finally confronts the bitterness and the guilt.

?This play is a true story with fictitious characters. It bares what goes on in this city?, says the playwright, Jagero. ?The society needs to understand the issues behind immorality and perversion. It lies deeper than the superficial that people see and condemn. The societal issues, I believe must be judged on people?s upbringing?.

A scene in the play

A scene in the play

The play seeks to give some of the underlying issues in cases of self-degradation, bitterness, anger and unforgiving spirit.

Linda Shiku a student Goethe Institute, Nairobi, stars as the lead character (and harlot). She is supported by Angela, A TV host with KBC, Peter of Jicho Four Productions, and other formidable actors and actresses in Nairobi.

The play is written and produced by Jagero and directed by Ataka.

Anjela Playing supporting character, Viva, one of the harlots

Anjela Playing supporting character, Viva, one of the harlots

The show premiers at The Kenya National Theatre on Saturday the 3rd of April and climaxes on the Sunday the 4th. Tickets are available at Recordez music Studio Yaya and Nakummat UK, Discovery Restaurant along Koinange Street, and Kenya National Theatre.

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