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Mobile Web in Africa is going to be the focus of many in the year 2010 and to start off ?Kenya ICT Board will host Mobile Web East Africa Conference ?on 3rd and 4th February 2010. The conference organized by All Amber (, a UK based conference company is already promising to be one of its kind in East Africa attracting some of the biggest names in the ICT industry in the region.


By all account, a mobile device can be accessed anytime and almost everywhere, giving mobile web more potential for greater penetration anywhere in the World.? The growth of mobile phone usage in Africa is well documented, And with that in mind, it can be easily be deduced that mobile is the platform capable of connecting many people in East Africa and Africa at large.

The cost of acquiring high end mobile phones like iphones, blackberry is a bit of a hindrance but the good news is that the other companies like Nokia provide low end mobile phones which have web access capability.

According Mobile Web East Africa site some of the questions which will be tackled on the conference are

1.?How will the industry evolve to a point where the vast majority of people have
access to the mobile web and the content they want to view?

2.?How will the industry fully exploit existing and future opportunities?

3.?How can PC or mobile based developers and start-ups monetise their innovation
and creativity to grow in to companies that will drive the expansion of the

4.?How can Operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, global associations and
other mobile powerhouses assist their smaller partners?

5.?How can societal and economic problems be tackled by the development of the
capabilities of the mobile device?

6.?What handsets, standards, networks and designs will allow consumers to
successfully access the content and consume it?

7.?How will the consumer be able to discover that content ? through a Portal,
Application, Browser, Search Engine, Advert, Social Network?

The following questions are not listed above but worth considering

1.Who actually in East Africa use Mobile Web?

2. Which are the East Africans favorite mobile web sites?

3. Do local mobile web sites have a chance to compete with the international mobile web sites?


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