For the sake of Kenyan Football Hey Must Go Now

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To be ignored by the most passionate fans you will ever find anywhere is very painful. Yes the National team Harambee Stars was playing Tunisia yesterday and many had already concluded the outcome. And so did the Kenya media houses. None of them even KBC bothered to show the match, and when they reported results at the 7 o?clock news bulletin, Harambee Stars was already down 1-nil, and the anchor quickly informed audience to move to more important news. By any chance the yesterday news of Samuel Wanjiru winning Chicago Marathon and by extension earning Ksh.70 million in the process was huge. But the fact that the news about Harambee stars is no longer considered important is a sign on how far we gone the downward spiral.

Think about it, what would have happened if coach Kimanzi was maintained instead of hiring money guzzling good for high school coaching coach by the name Mr.Hey. Harambee Stars as a team was far much better under Kimanzi by far than what we have now. So what are we waiting for? When is this man going to be shown the door?? Playing Nigeria in Nairobi in the last round of matches might be our only last but remote chance of qualifying for Africa cup of Nation. Meaning we have to beat Nigeria here and pray that the Tunisia will beat Mozambique. There so much in the power of prayers but remember Nigeria will also be praying that Mozambique holds Tunisia as they win their game against Harambee Stars in order to qualify for world cup in South Africa. So the probable case scenario is that God will be neutral here and allow the team with the best strategy to win. And for that Hey must go!!!!!!!

I think we have been down this path before, when a coach is performing he gets fired, but the football administrators are ready to retain none performing coaches for annoyingly long.? We should not wait for the blame game time which to say the truth had started after Harambee stars lost to Mozambique.

We rarely learn from experience, so here is how the blame game will play out

Sports Minister and her Assistant ?will definitely blame it on the Prime Minister Office, you see if the coach had a contract with them then the team should have been performing better.

The team officials who do accompany the team everywhere will blame it on the bad treatment by the host Nations. They expect to be treated like kings and since that has not been forthcoming the Harambee Stars has not been performing well.

Coach Antone Hey will blame it on not being given enough support to prepare the team,

The former players? blame it on the money, ?during their time they use? to play for the pride of being in the national team but this days players only do it for money. Since the allowances were not adequate the players did not concentrate on the game

The public blame it on the coach, if only Kimanzi was not fired and replaced by this mzungu who had not won any game in his coaching career, then the team should have been in the brink of qualifying for world cup and Africa Cup of Nations.

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