Business Daily Blog of the week, was named blog of the week by Business Daily yesterday. The story quoted as shown on the scanned copy below is Kiswahili Tech Projects are falling apart, why?.? I guess it is the one which made to get that recognition. ? Blogging is not a joke but answering why you blog is the biggeset task. This came yesterday evening after a friend of mine saw the Business Daily and the fact that was named as the blog of the week. So here was the simple question from my friend ” why do you blog?”

Business Daily scanned copy
Business Daily scanned copy

I always thought i know the answer to this question until yesterday when i realized the answer i have is not satisfactory enough? to my stubborn friend. You see, i blog for fun, it is something i do as a hobby. But according to this guy one can only blog if there is something you get from it. Yeah in monetary terms else why bother. In places like US there are full time bloggers who earn a living from blogging, then there are? part time bloggers who get paid for blogging too. But that is not the case in Kenya at the moment.? If you are a blogger and you are reading this tell me why you blog?? If you are not a blogger but you are in Facebook, Twitter, Iborian, tell me why you update your status or tweets? If you are not in any of the social networking sites then let us talk about diaries, why do you keep one

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