Get any Facebook account hacked for $100

For $100 you can get a Facebook account of your choice be hacked. The revelation was made? by Security firm PandaLabs.? It is very serious to extent that Facebook itself has caution its users to be more watchful. ?The developer of the online service promises the clients with the login and password authenticity to access any account on Facebook for $100. Any account remember! Celebrities, Business People and their companies, Politicians. The domain that hosts the service is registered in Moscow. So it is Russians again?lol. So Facebook users should be very watchful and careful about what is going on in their accounts.

Sometime at the beginning of the year a Prominent music producer and a great friend of mine DJ Loop, got his Facebook account hacked. You could tell that whoever did it, know him very well judging from the updates and the people mentioned on those updates. He hurled all kinds of abuses and distasteful words towards the employees and the partners of DJ Loop. At first many were at lost thinking that DJ Loop himself was doing that.? Two hours later he apologized and explained that his Facebook account was hacked. But the damage was already done, in particular if some things talked about were true.

Probably that was not the case of hacking per se but a situation whereby DJ Loop logged in a certain computer and forgot to log off. It is very common, for people using the Cybers in town to leave their account without logging off. You see when you are being charged per minute in town, there is possibility that you get yourself with very little time to browse and sometime even no time to log off due to the limited amount of cash you have. The next person using the computer would definitely get to your account directly. Many people are good and they would simply log you out but if the next person happens to be the wrong type, then God help you in that case.

Then there was a burglar who was arrested after checking his Facebook account during robbery. In this case? would say good riddance. Jonathan Parker from Pennsylvann left a taril, by checking? his Facebook account before leaving the house with two diamond rings. H e forgot to log out his account. The authority had their work cut out for them by the burglar

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