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Uganda Ushahidi witness alert

The recent riots in Uganda is troubling for East Africa Community.? Leadership in the region should understand that faster development can only be achieved through peaceful coexistent between the different communities. Kenya for example is still feeling the aftermath of 2008 post election violence and the sluggishness of Kenyan economy is a true indicator of the worst side of the violence.

Ushahidi? witness alert went live following the riots and disruption in Kampala and surrounding areas in Uganda.


I could not get through to the site , but i understand it is because of Uganda substandard internet connection to the outside world.

NIC Bank Launched Mobile Banking

NIC mobile banking
NIC mobile banking

You can now deposit cash on your NIC bank account directly using M_Pesa, this is interesting. According NIC bank website customers on Safaricom network can initiate the following transactions

1. Balance Enquiry (including the available and ledger balances on the account)
2. Mobile Top Up
3. Mini Statement Request ( up to 5 transactions)
4. Funds transfer ? internal (NIC Accounts) and external accounts (customers nominate accounts to transfer to upon registration)
5. Stop cheque ? real time stopping of issued cheques
6. Service requests

  • Cheque Book Order (through our Customer Contact Centre)
  • Full Statement Request (through our Customer Contact Centre)
  • Cheque Status Request ? customer can find out if the cheque is issued, processed, stopped
  • Forex Rate Request for 15 currencies (AED, TZS, AUD, UGK, CAD, USD, CHF, ZAR, DKK, EUR, FRF, GBP, INR, JPY, NOK)

7. My Settings – Password / PIN Change

PopTech Social Innovation Fellows Class of 2009

Tired of the current bunch of corrupt political leaders?? Well you are not alone, but there is good news for you. There are crop of young upcoming Kenyan Leaders already changing the world. To understand how good Kenyans are, there two Kenyans who made it to the PopTech Social innovation Fellows Class of 2009. PopTech Social Innovation Fellows are high potential young leaders with new approaches poised for transformational impact. They are the world changers of tomorrow.? This is a real tomorrow and not the Kenyan version of tomorrow where you are being told you are a leader of tomorrow and you continue being so until you are 60 years old:? The following two ladies are great Kenyans:

Dr.Paula Kahumbu ? WildlifeDirect

According to Poptech description,

As executive director of WildlifeDirect, Paula is helping build a global online wildlife conservation community. Through online diaries and blogs, WildlifeDirect brings supporters and conservationists together and enables individual donors around the world to communicate directly with the people that they are funding. The goal: a movement powerful enough to respond to any conservation emergency anywhere swiftly and efficiently, reverse the catastrophic loss of habitats and species and secure the future of wildlife in Africa, Asia and around the world.

You can follow her in twitter at @paulakahumba

Ory Okolloh ? Ushahidi

This now confirm the reason why I? listed her? among the top ten Kenyan social media Kings. The following is what Poptech said about her

A lawyer, activist and blogger, Ory is the co-founder and executive director of Ushahidi, a free, open source, Web / mobile-based platform capable of crowd-sourcing, sharing and mapping information in near real time. The project was born as a way to track the atrocities and human rights violations that erupted after the 2008 Kenyan presidential election. Ushahidi has since been used to help monitor elections, respond to humanitarian crises, track swine flu outbreaks, enable citizen journalism and monitor crucial pharmaceutical supply levels.

TEAMS goes live?

Well last week Dr.Bitange Ndemo said TEAMS would go live this week. It is already midweek and i am not sure if it is already live. Anybody with information about this please say something

Take a look at the global growth of broadband according to bbc map


President Paul Kagame on Times 100

This guy is a hero to many people? in East Africa and it is wonderful that Rwanda is actively involve as member of East African Community.? To say that Kagame is emerging face of new Africa Leadership is to understate? what Kagame has achieved in Rwanda. I would definitely nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize if i have the chance, by the way do I?

According to Rick Warren,

Then there is Kagame’s zero tolerance for corruption. Rwanda is one of the few countries where I’ve never been asked for a bribe. Any government worker caught engaging in corruption is publicly exposed and dealt with. That is a model for the entire country ? and the rest of the world too

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