Up Close with Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin, an award winning and multi-talented gospel musician was in Kenya for the Spread the Love Festival, and Kachwanya.com writer Oduor Jagero chatted him before the concert.

Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin

Jagero: How are you?

Kirk: I am fine; I need to sleep before I step up on stage. I thank God for our journey from Kampala, and the fact that we still got the chance to perform in Kampala amidst the chaos and riots.

Jagero: Your last show in Kenya 2007 was very good?

Kirk: Was it?

Jagero:: Yeah it was?What do you find special about Nairobi? What do you find different in Kenya?

Kirk: Well, the first thing is that this is a beautiful country. It is beautiful every morning to look through the window and see all those purple flowers. It?s not too hot. It has the nice crisp breeze on it, and just the landscaping. The people are always in a good spirit. We were on stage singing utado?? Man we were just jamming.

Jagero: You are a married man with Kids?

Kirk: Yeah?

Jagero: How do you manage being away from them for this long? You know, you are always away from them?

Kirk: Have really been graced to have a beautiful wife, and what is also beautiful is that when I married Tamy I was already doing what I was doing. It wasn?t like trying?Tamy and me got married at the height of things and she understood it. Tamy is a beautiful woman. When am home, you know, am home. I don?t go out with fellows. I don?t kick it. ?Its like am home with my kids. Am home with my wife.


Jagero: What?s your inspiration in Music?

Kirk: Sharing the message of Christ love. It?s the love affair that we have with the Lord and sharing it.

Jagero: You have been doing collabo with secular musicians a lot. Do you still keen on continuing with the trend?

Kirk: You will be seeing less and less. Coz most of the music is becoming more sexually explicit. Yeah..

On Stage
On Stage

Jagero: There is a line in one of your songs that has caused uproar with religious leaders and a lot of pastors. If you think that the gospel music is goin too far, then you aint heard nothin yet? What exactly did you mean by that statement?

Kirk: Well, this statement was not meant to offend anyone. We were just in the studio making fun and, you know?hyping a lot and it was included in the track. It was something that naturally came out.


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