Kenyan Police Website and the traffic updates

Dear Mr. New Commissioner

I am still coming to terms with your name but if i am not wrong i think you are Mr.Iteeri.? I know you are new at the Vigilante house and it is too early to start shouting at you for things which are not going right now but there is a saying that new broom sweeps well and with that I am sure this is the right time to bring to your attention this issue when you are still sweeping well. You see sir there is a Police force website which promises to update the public about the status of the roads in Nairobi in every two hours. Here is the exact words

The Kenya Police will update the status of traffic on our major roads (in Nairobi) every two hours, excluding Sundays. This is aimed at assisting motorists to choose routes to follow in order to avoid any inconveniences. Our obligation is to ensure free flow of traffic.

Have a nice ride

But this is what you get whenever you visit the site (empty)

Traffic updates
Traffic updates

So sir I hope you understand that mathematicians came to conclusion that traffic jam cost Kenyans Ksh.60 billion annually and if you can help them to save even a half of that, then very soon you could hear ?words such as Mr.Iteeri for President.

Sir you probably have school going kids and as a Kenyan I guess you know that during school going days there is crazy traffic jam in most roads in Nairobi. ?So your urgent action on this matter is of utmost importance to Kenyans and Kenyan economy.



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