Are you investing in the KenGen PIBO? Here is the offer

I did not want to talk about KenGen PIBO until I received two emails from my broker Dyer and Blair asking me if I am investing in the KenGen PIBO . Their unit trust division has some interesting offer. Instead of Ksh.100,000, they require a minimum deposit of Ksh.50,500. Here are the details:

What?s this all about?

  1. Do you know that KenGen are targeting to raise at least Kshs.15B from the market by way of this Bond?
  2. Do you know that KenGen are targeting to raise at least Kshs.15B from the market by way of this Bond?
  3. Do you know that KenGen hopes to get this money from you and other retail and institutional investors?

Do you know that Dyer & Blair Bond Fund will actively be participating in this ground-breaking KenGen Infrastructure Bond?

Why invest in the KenGen PIBO through the Dyer & Blair Bond Fund?

10 REASONS ! !

You don?t need Kshs.100,000!
All we require is a minimum deposit of Kshs.50,500/-.

The application process is simple.

Your investment will be diversified.
This means that by investing in the Dyer & Blair Bond Fund, you will be able to take advantage of future Bonds that may offer higher interest rates.

We offer flexibility & liquidity.
With the Dyer & Blair Bond Fund, you can gain easy access to your funds in a matter of days.

We keep you informed.
You will receive monthly e-mail statements, investment fact sheets & personalized briefings.

Professional management of your investment
You can focus on doing what you do, as we look after your investment.

Regular investment reports will show you how the Bond Fund is performing

You will receive personalized service through your Direct Agent

Ease of transaction.
Once your funds are received, your Bond Fund account statement will be received in the 1st week of October.

Service at your doorstep: We can come to you ?.

So am interested ? WHAT DO I DO?
Simply send us your Name, Mobile Number, Email address to [email protected]

Important Note: Remember to have your application in, by latest 25th September 2009.

It?s that easy!

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