TEAMS to go live next week

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According to Dr. Bitange Ndemo TEAMS cable is to go live next week.? At long last TEAMS is really here. The chorus in the market in the last few weeks has been that the prices of accessing the internet will only go down after other cables become operational. I hope this is it, this what we? have been waiting for.

It is always good to be excited about something but? deep inside I know that the prices of the accessing internet will still remain high. Shareholders in the East Africa Marine cable(TEAMS) project had a greed to individually negotiate and pay for the cost of onward connectivity to Eaurope from Fujairah. That is a big ?big problem which would probably mean the higher prices. But the good thing about it is, it would probably result into price war between the major players.

TEAMS cable has been dodged with controversies concerning the ownership which probably had contributed to its delay. Originally Teams was meant to go live earlier than Seacom but that did not materialize. The total cost of the project connecting the coast Fujairah in United Arabs Emirates (UAE) and Mombasa is worth Sh9.8 billion, ($130 million)

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