E.A. Internet Governance Forum and my 5 Questions for ICT Board and Kenic

The Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) in collaboration with other organisations have organized a second East African Internet Governance Forum (EA-IGF 2009).? This Forum comes at the time because we all have loads of questions which ICT Board, Kenic, CCK? and other government arms need to answer urgently.? The followng are my five questions

  1. ICT Board has been sitting on the grant fund for the local content development given by the World Bank for the last two years, why is that? If the government does not want to disburse the fund just return it to the World Bank
  2. Kenic takes pride on being? trustee for the .ke country-code-top-level-domain , the truth on the ground is Kenic has been the biggest obstacle towards the vibrant growth of the local domain names with .co.ke extensions. Why keep the prices for co.ke domain names three times higher than the .com domain names?? Who are you kidding here?
  3. Talking to bankers, they claim that they are in a position to provide online merchant bank accounts for the online transcations. The only problem is the archaic law detering them from doing so. You can’t talk of developing vibrant? ecommerce transactions without the? involvemnet of the banks. So what does it take to change such laws?
  4. I am told that recently the justice ministry website was hacked and the pornographic materials were uploaded on the site. In terms of cyber secuirity what is the government doing? to reduce the risks of exposing Kenya and Kenyans from the threat posed by such individuals?
  5. The Most government sites are full of e-something, e-registration, e-payment, e-transaction, but in the actual sense there is no real online service delivery a part from the PDF documents. How hard is it to use the right terms to describe what is on the site instead of misleading the public?

The second East African Internet Governance Forum (EA-IGF 2009) will take take place at the Jacaranda hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, from 7th to? 9th ?September 2009. For more information and registration go to http://www.eaigf.or.ke/component/content/article/1-latest-news/66-2009eaigf.html

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