Yahoo Is now Asking What are you doing right now?

Social Networking is the in thing and has taken the? internet? by storm.? The latest trend is not just social networking but a combination of social networking? and the microblogging? tools. First there was Facbook with the status updates and then twitter? came in and gave it a new meaning and dimension.

Microblog entries are simple one-sentence long, limited to 140 letters in twitter. It is a highly acknowledged fact that you can express what you are doing and share some interesting stuff with your friends and followers.

Recently I saw new changes on yahoo Mail Home page.? If you are using yahoo mail , I guess you probably have seen the changes too.? It is like they are still testing it but definitely they are going social networking route and bringing the in microblogging aspect

When you logging into Yahoo Mail you will see the following

New! We’ve redesigned so you can get to the good stuff first!

Now see emails and Updates from friends and family, right here.?Learn more ?

Yahoo New Design
Yahoo New Design

That means from yahoo you can:

  • Update your status, yes they call it ?What are you doing now??
  • Keep up easily with what friends and family are sharing online.
  • Always see what’s new. Find out as soon as they post new photos and videos.
  • Find out about their day. Get their tweets and status messages in one place.
  • Follow their blogs, reviews, favorite news, and more.
  • Get automatic reminders as their big days approach.
Friends Connection
Friends Connection

So why is microblogging craze?

  • They are less complex. People simply state what they are thinking at the moment. In some cases lead the friends and followers to interesting links
  • They following a certain trend: ?People discuss the events taking place in real time and instantly. It was interesting to read the reaction of people during census on Facebook , Twitter and Iborian. During Tusker Project Fame reality show on Citizen TV? people make their own comments and opinions known before even the singer finished performing.
  • They are effective. If you have question and or in? need of something and you don?t know how to or where to get it, just ask the good people of social networks. You will get your answer instantly and correctly.

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