The Best of Social Media Comments on Kenyan Census

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There were a lot to be said about the current ongoing census and I took time to sample the best comments made by Kenyans both in Facebook and Twitter about the census. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Facebook Status news Feed:

Ronnie Osumba: ?siko! Sitambuliki! Maybe i really don’t matter in vision 2030.

Ken Soy : The epitome of stereotyping…when i revealed that am a Kale, the enumerator asked me if i have any cows outside my room…mooooo! Kubaf!

Mac Oloo: ?This census is nonsense… what the hell are they askin they may as well ask 4 ur ID photocopy and leave!!!

George M. Aunga : its 10.53pm and they re counting me!No..yes…Saitoti!..or whose in charge here

Bill Matimbayi : Wow! Wonders will never cease. A pub here in Eldy has told patrons tht it will hav the “closed” sign on the door kesho durin census but clients shuld not fear… Just push the door n voila…They’ve assured us cops havnt discovered this trik yet.

Karambu Muthaura : kama kwangu kumekuwa mbali hivyo, basi msinihesabu. Naenada kulala, and am not very nice when woken up from my sweet sleep. Na kesho nina mipango so…

Dan Staning Kemei : Its great to be counted when folks are away, i get to be listed as head of household

Hkr Idd Salim: ?Ati nimesupport arsenal miaka ngapi? How is that related to census?

Joe Kanja: ?I knocked my neighbour’s house and he came out with a spear. I fear for census guys.

LazKisau Bolt Mbalatya: ?I will let the enumerator in on two conditions; 1. she be a she (a real she, one who doesnt need a gender test) 2. She be cute……

Dennis Oscar Ojei: mafala wa cencus wamefika jo.but al answer hilo swali la tribe.AM PROUND 2 MBE A MBEERE.

Wangari Wachira This enumeratus, shuld come with some bread and milk, u don go to some1’s house empty handed!!!! sivyo??

Onesmus Karanja : now, boss says I come job kesho, Prezo said i rest its a holiday. who do i defy?

Twitter News Feed updates


@MoSande: There will be babies born tonight in Kenya that will be named #Census, #Enumerator.<–LOL!

@Rafikikenya : @sheblossoms @Shiko_Msa No, I have not been counted. I feel worthless.

@RookieKE: The funniest was I lived in Kajiado in 08(Rongai),next Q was when did you move to NBI?

@ArcherMishale: ?I live in an apartment, on 1st floor to be specific. So why ask if my roof is tiled or corrugated? I dunno, ask the guys on top floor!

@Kainvestor : Just refused to open the gate for some guys claiming to be conducting the census. #kenyacensus

@Kahenya: ?This is fun, dad is killing me with this funny story of the car mats. Hey census people we are almost 100 people. Some kyuks and pandres

@RafikiKenya: ?@kenyafreelancer This is a great night, it is so quiet, I love it. Every night should be census night! We should keep on counting.

@Shanganess : Census qs, have you been married & how many kids have you had, Ha! Been married 77 times to the same man & with 2 kids, all in my dreams!Oh!

@larrymadowo: ?Goodnight tweeple, no sign of census enumerator. Too busy acting on tv 2 get here I guess

@mkaigwa: ?My name is Fartius. Fartius who? Fartius Githuria… Lolest. #census

@dnyaga: That was quick. #census over in < 2 minutes. Oh, the joys of being single and childless.

@eastlandah: ?elections, the media camps in the ghettos i.e Kibs, Ungem, Mathare etc. Census, the media camps in Ghettos! Kwani Lavi, Nyari hakuna watu?

@ndhamby: I will not take the swine flu shot, will answer the basic ques req by const. on the census. will uphold TX law 2 protect myself and my prop.

@Rachella50: Wondering what tribe I’ll claim I belong to if the Census folks show up. The DC Tribe? The Cairo, instead of Luo? Or jus …

PBSIdeaLab kenyanpundit: Kenya census messing up my “drinks in the evening” plots in a serious way…ati there is a no activity after 6:00 pm story .

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