Eight Rules and My predictions, Arsenal will win the League and Champions League

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New Rules

The new season for the English Premier League starts tomorrow and as events of the past have shown, it sometime can be an intense and engaging period for the fans.? The following are the new rules based on the known and unknown facts:

1. Thou shall not kill himself or herself when? thy team lost like Arsenal and ManU fans did last time

2. Thou shall not kill the rival fans like the Nigeria ManU fan did to Barca fans last season

3. Thou shall not abuse the rival fans, fans are fans they say things which sometime are not facts, if you want facts wait for the game and watch it

4. Thou shall watch Dstv , listen to radio or check the net, and avoid the rhetorical questions which boarder lame, like asking who won on a Tuesday while the match was played on Saturday

5. Thou shall not allow con companies like GTV to come back with fake coverage, dupe everyone and run with the money and for that tupigie debe Dstv

6. Thou shall be left to watch the game in piece, the lady of the house shall not compete for the remote during the football match game, ladies have a whole week to watch soaps.

7. Thou shall celebrate wildly when Arsenal beat ManU, Chealsea and Liverpool and win the Premier League Title and Champions League combined

8. Finally: Thou shall support local teams too, when Gor is playing Leopards, the local teams take priority

Now that you know the rule, so i am assured that i will not be killed, i will not be abused, and we will remain friends even if you don’t agree with what i am going to say next
This how the league will end plus other trophies
1.Arsenal??????????????????????? Wins the league and Champions league
2. Liverpool
3. Chelsea???????????????????????? Already won the Charity Shield
4. Manchester United? Wins FA cup
5. Manchester City??????? Wins? Carling Cup

And that will be the? top five finish for the league. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen

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