Safaricom buys WIMAX operator Packets Stream Data Networks

Safaricom? has bought WiMAX operator? Packet Stream? Data Networks ?subject to approval by CCK. This will definitely boost Safaricom ability to provide the last mile connectivity to majority of internet consumers in many parts of Kenya. It is the second local internet provider Safaricom is acquiring signaling its intention to dominate the internet data provision services.

? We believe this acquisition is very strategic to Safaricom as it will serve to widen our already growing WiMAX footprint and enable us achieve our goal of providing our customers with a ubiquitous data network over a multiplicity of technology Platforms? Said Michael Joseph Safaricom CEO


According to Packet Stream Director Mr. Edwin Wambugu, his company has already deployed ?its WIMAX resources ?in various town around the country.

From any angle you look at it this is going to be? a big plus to Safaricom strategy.To lay out cables across the country is a big physical undertaking, associated with high cost. Most ISPs have concentrated in laying the cables in urban centers in particular Nairobi and Mombasa. Furthermore the ISPs seem not to be ready to share their infrastructure, a fact that could have drastically increased the penetration of the internet access in Kenya.? For a wider product range and better connectivity to different parts of Kenya, it is totally making sense why Safaricom is getting into this venture

With WiMAX, WiFi-like data rates are easily supported, but the issue of interference is lessened.?? WiMAX operates on both licensed and non-licensed frequencies, providing a regulated environment and viable economic model for wireless carriers.

WiMAX diagram
WiMAX diagram

The use of WiMAX connectivity also avoids the cables vandalism which is kind of a disease in this country. Why people destroy or steal things which are meant to help the public is something which needs psycho-evaluation and probably treatment.

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