Top Ten Kenyan Social Media Kings

1. Chris Kirubi

There is no other entrepreneur in Kenya who I know who understands the power of social media than DJ CK.? He has made Capital FM website one of the most authoritative sites in Kenya at the moment when come to news reporting. On top of that, he constantly blog about the current political and Leadership issues affecting Kenya.? And in Facebook, at the moment he ?has 4997 friends, only three away from the ?maximum number of the friends one can have in Facebook ?which is 5000. Then there is a group called Chris Kirubi with 2,228 members.

2. Pauline Long

She is a Kenyan based in UK, being well known as the founder of Miss and Mr. East Africa Uk beauty pageant.? Pauline knows how to use social media to her advantage. She is a double award winner- Most Innovative Kenyan in the UK and Kenyan Achievers Awards and African Achievers Awards. ?One thing to understand with these awards is, you get voted by the members of the world wide web. In Facebook,? she at the moment has? 4519 friends.

3. Bankelele

When come to blogging in Kenya, bankelele is the best. His blog has been occupying number one spot in Kenya blogs rank according to Afrigator for sometime, is also ranked 95,795 by Technorati ?with an authority of 36. Bankelele is also a very active user of twitter and many will tell you that his tweets are very informative. He currently has 684 twitter followers.

4. Ory Okolloh

A worldwide known Kenyan blogger who founded a web based social way to get information from the crowd.? Probably well known as Kenyanpundit more than any other name, she is a co-founder of Ushaidi ?a real-time, web-based map that shows what? happening all across the crisis hit area.? Highly used during Kenyan post election violence to monitor what was happening in different parts of Kenya.? .? Kenyanpundit is ?active member of twitter? with current following of 1241.

5. Mutinda Kisio.

He call himself Pesamob in twitter. According his profile in twitter, he is enjoying himself in the internet with his numerous sites. He currently has 12,666 Followers in twitter and counting.? It is not wrong to say that with 12,666 followers, ?Mutinda Kisio is the highest followed Kenyan in Twitter.

6. Beatrice Ndung?u

Being a CEO at 23 is not a common word in Kenya, but that is what she is. Beatrice who currently work? for? Royal Media as a media creative, is also the founder and CEO of A Kenyan music site with a lot of other social current information and events. Highly popular in Facebook with her status updates receiving numerous comments from her friends. She at the moment has 4748 friends in Facebook. On top of that there is globalessence group with over 2000 members and Beatrice Ndung’u fanpage which has more than 1000 fans.

7. Valarie Kimani

Some people will tell you that they don’t like following or becoming online friends with celebrity but when come to Valarie I don’t think she has disappointed her fans, both in Facebook and in Twitter. She uses the power of social media in a great and useful ways: updating her fans on current music events and performances. Valarie has 4,909 friends in Facebook and further 609 people being members of a group called Valarie Kimani.? She is also in twitter with 206 followers

8. Okiya Omatatah Okoti

You remember this guy? He once chained himself in front of Kenya Central Police station where it took sizable number of? highly fed police officers to remove him from there.? He is an activist with a passion and love for Kenya, and when come to social media, he has not been left out.?? He regularly writes highly charged and sometimes controversial Facebook notes about the current political issues affecting Kenya. At the moment he has 4992 friends in facebook

9. Ledama Olekina

If he ever becomes President of Kenya, just know that it will be through the use of social network.? It is hard to miss him if you are a Facebook user. The guy wants to become the President of Kenya in 2012, not easy task considering political dynamism and terrain of Kenya. But those who are familiar with Obama?s campaign stratergy in USA last year should not dismiss this guy at all cost. Clearly he is a huge fan of Obama, a fact highly noticeable with his Facebook fan page? ?dotted with a picture of him and Mr.Barack Obama the President of USA. Even the design of his site resembles to some extent? the one Obama used for his campaign.? The Facebook fans page currently has 11,075 fans

10.Victoria Kenya

She is one of the most dedicated young campaigner for Education for all in Kenya. Targeting poor and needy children and families from destitute areas in Kenya?? Although she has only 1,121 friends in Facebook, and slightly over 100 friends in, the way she uses the these social networks is wonderful. In many occasions she highlights the plights of many deserving but stranded poor young Kenyans.

For this article there are many other Kenyans who probably should have made it to the list. And in particular I ?know most of you will be asking but where is Churchil, Maina Kageni, Jua Kali. Well I have not ?included some of these people who ?probably are more popular, because some of them might be using ghost micro-bloggers, to update their status in Facebook or twitter, while others are actually dormant. ?The people I considered here are ones who actually do the actual work of either blogging or micro-blogging in consistent and regular basis. I should also admit that I might have left out some genuinely deserving individuals and for that I would request that if you know any add him or her on the list.

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