Hackers and Kenyan banks..security threats

Guest Post By Idd Salim

A hackers life is about to get veeeery veery interesting…

Let me explain something

Kenya is one country where the art of security through obscurity thrives. The common chilling question of ‘Kwani who would want to hack us, we are just a small bank?!’ really makes me cringe! I have been told countless times, ‘Hiyo mambo yako ya hacking na security hatutaki. Enda ukauzie Barclays. Sisi tuko poa…’

Jana I had a conference chat with my Friends (Yuri Malkienko (Russia) and Li Chun Hak (China)) – not real names, ofcoz- and what they revealed was shocking. With my little hacking experience and limited prowess, I have infiltrated Banks, Brokerage Firms and Online Video Libraries and have information of over 100, 000 Kenyans.

I really shake when I think of what these 2 seasoned hackers will do. I will not be at all moved or surprised to wake up and hear that a brokerage firm no longer as records of it clients. Or a bank’s database shows everyone as 5M in their account. (Highly improbable, but possible).

“We cant do an attack on Kenyan firms right now because we can barely connect with a ping-time of 5500 Milliseconds”, Said Yuri. “Fiber will improve this 1000 fold. We cant wait”, he added, to confirm my worst fears.

Fiber will bring VERY NICE things. But lemmi not lie to you. VERY BAD things will also come.

To do List
To do List

It is high time you made sure the LANs and WANs you are in-charge of are not only secure, but VERY secure and verified by a third-party hacker. I can think of the Longwes, Koros (UU) and Mwaniki’s of this world who could consult well on this.

As a gift to Kenya, I will do a FREE HackTivity Test for the first 5 people to contact me on this issue.

The time is here my people. Style up and make sure you are Dot Fiber Compliant.

Idd Salim is Kenyan Software developer with Symbiotic Media Consortium

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