M-Pesa is down and when it is down we all suffer


Safaricom Mpesa network is down and it has been that way since yesterday. The most ironic thing is how technology get people hooked up in a short time. Technology empowers people directly and indirectly but it also has a level of a diction which can leave you really frustrated You can’t belive it that M-Pesa not working in town is a real big problem for most people, something which could have not been said two to three years ago.

When Safaricom M-Pesa network is down the agents have very little to do about it except to wait for the Safaricom to sort out the problem, a fact which might not known to some people. Yesterday i witness a lady who could not believe that there is nothing the agent can do about the M-Pesa not working. The lady whom i guess had pressing payment to make, had little sympathy for the little man sitting behind the desk with M-Pesa book infront of him. She hurled all the obscene words she ever learned in her life and you could not help it but to sympathize with the guy. He tried to be calm but the lady could not stop questinong his customer handling ability. Well, when people have personal issues sometime it best not to come in contact with other human beings because that alone might trigger the insane nerve.

Beyond a nutshell, with millions of mobile phone subcribers in Kenya, it is inevitable that mobile phone payment has become so popular. Mobile money transfer enables the mobile phone to function like a credit card and it allows user to do their payment to anyone, anywhere at anytime with only one condition, the sender and the receiver must both subcribers to a particular mobile phone company like Safaricom or Zain.

Getting credit cards in Kenya more probelmatic and a major headache for majority of Kenyans. A critical reason why the banks are loosing out to the mobile phone money transfer and banking in near future. With mobile money the subcribers do not have the same issues like the ones of credit card handling problems or fraud. And again the process of getting credit cards and using them is hectic as compared to the mobile money registration. The following are the process of registering for M-Pesa according the instruction given by Safaricom website


step 1: Replace your Old Safaricom SIM card

step 2: Register as New M-Pesa Customer

Step 3: Activate Your M-Pesa Account

Mpsea Pin, M-Pesa secret word

Very easy, and immediately you can start enjoying the benefit of money transfer or payment.

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