Fiber-optic cables in Kenya: what you need to know

We are excited about the completion of fiber optic project by the mid this year. And if i am not wrong we are almost there. Majority of people are expecting to do alot on the internet, particularly transaction, either selling or buying things online.

Relevant Content and Lack of it

The question most people have been asking is are Kenyans ready to do business online or again we going to be consumers with nothing to offer the world? Yes we are going to have faster internet, and yes it i will be highly affordable and yes we will be able to buy things but what are we offering the world. If you own a website, does it have enough info about what you do, does it have enough content for the people looking for what you are involved in or services or products you are selling. The lack of contents in the local sites is a big problme which need to be solved urgently if Kenyans are to see any benefit of the faster/cheaper internet they are expecting. A few companies in Kenyan have detailed information and their websites about their products and services. To me content is ecerything about the website, whether you get Bill Gate himself to design for you your site, without the content people will not be intereste in it. Good website content is sometimes overlooked in favour of web design and online application development. I am not advocating for poor design here, designers should take note, yours truely included.

In the recent past the government through ICT board has been very active in trying to ensure that locals understand the benefits of the content generation. The highly visible being the Tandaa conference held sometime back in KICC. The primary objective of tandaa is to stimulate the generation of local content. Tandaa is tasked with the responsibility of helping people share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of Kenya and the world via the web.

Before designing or having your website designed the following should be taken into consideration:

The visitor experience.

Increasing visitor loyalty is done by making the time visitors spend at your site beneficial to them. The longer a visitor spends at your site then the more likely they will convert to a customer and probably recommend your site to others. Good content also entices the people to go beyond the first page they visit.

Your website ROI.

The whole idea generally behind most websites is to entice the visitor to purchase a product or service. You will only generate an ROI if the website is geared toward achieving that goal. Each action or webpage should take the customer a step further forward to making that purchase or decision.

Web site ranking SEO

High quality relevant content makes the visitor stay and also improves your search engine rankings.

Threats and dangers of the online transaction and shopping


Ransomware, or extortive malware that holds users’ data to ransom: Ransomware typically propagates as a conventional computer worm, entering a system through, for example, a vulnerability in a network service or an e-mail attachment. In some cases victims are told via a pop-up message that they need to purchase a special decryption program to regain access to their data.

Phishing/Vishing scams
Phishing scams generally try to trick recipients into clicking a link in a bogus email, ostensibly to update their details. The email will appear to have been sent by a legitimate institution such as a bank. However, the link in the message leads to a fake website where the recipient will be asked to provide personal information such as passwords and credit card details. Information provided will then be harvested by the scammers.

Vishing scams
Use a bogus email that asks users to update their information. However, the recipient is requested to ring an included telephone number to provide the information rather than visit a website. When the number is called, a recorded message will ask the user to provide sensitive information. As with other kinds of phishing scams, this information can then be used by scammers to access bank or credit accounts or steal the victim’s identity.

Pharming. This fairly new technique involves getting into your wireless home router, changing key settings and setting up false Web sites or pharms that you think are safe, and which collect key information from you.

Virtual keypads.
A method of entering passwords on the screen, generally with a mouse. Most banks in developed world are using this method and i know it is just a matter of time before the local banks and othe big companies around start doing so. When that come to passs be advice that it might not be hundered percent safe

I will not sign off without mentioning Nigeria fraudsters.

These are people who were left for fortunes by their fathers and can’t open bank account in their West Africa countries unless you give them your bank details to use temporarily . They are also ready to share a half of the fortune with you. Well my advice to them, go to hell.

So what can you do about it? The most important thing is to get a good Anti-Virus software that is constantly updated. Remember, new viruses and Spy-ware can’t be detected by old Anti-Virus security programs. An updated software is vital to keeping our computer safe.

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