Sex as a tool to force change, a recipe for disaster

How important sex is to men? Well it is very important, men are willing to buy nice things, jeopardize their leaderships at that moment of weakness. In most cases sex to men is a measure of their current street standing among the peers regardless of their economic status, the looks , and all the other nonsense which come along with the beauty. Men have an inborn need for sex, while women feel more of a chemical bond like when breastfeeding.

With that point in mind you will come to understand why the G10 women thought of sex as a tool to force good leadership in the country. I would be willing to support women in this hundred percent except that there are a few flows in the use of sex as tool.

The message on the street is like this would turn out to be women vs men combat, and that means it does not come out as I thought it should be, which is people of Kenya vs the leadership. When you get a scenario where it is women vs men then surely the end results is going to broken marriages, relationship and the thriving of the kando kando business. There’s no shortage of factors that wreak havoc on sex lives ?- from busy schedules to kids to changing, aging bodies. Now to sneak in another strain in the functioning units of families and the relationships is to stretch the reality too far.

Let first acknowledge that Kenyan leadership is dominated by men but my thinking is in the last few years we all been working hard to ensure gender parity in the leadership representation. If that is the case then isolating women to do something which profoundly affect men would be unfair to men species, considering the fact that this government is full of Kibaki?s Makerere age mates who by any practical means careless about sex (70 years old and above). The people affected by this are young people who have very low representation in this government and those are there are dotting lower ranks (no influence at all).

Then there is fight between the traditions and the modernism. The local traditions and the Muslim religion practice by sections of Kenyans prohibit women from talking about sex in public. And even in private arena with their husbands it is still difficult subject to bring up. How about G10 women, a friend of mine claimed that they are not married and therefore they should desist from breaking the marriages . To be fair I don?t think that is what they are doing but when there is such feeling then there is a problem.

Sample views of my friends in Facebook according to their status updates


Joe Kanja: What’s on my mind? Going to sleep. What if beds also boycotted? Men…victims of societal wrath, bearers of cultural blame, poor creatures!

Michael Madegwa: Can’t wait for the rebound afta the ban is over, too many starved souls will be walking around…if u avnt bn getting some don’t complain its coming.

Kabinga Samuel : Kenyan women????? r there some exception to the ‘fasting’? eg those in honey -moon, commercial workers, those abroad??

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