Take your money out of NSE and keep it under your mattress

I have seen a lot of advice coming along from the blog community on how to handle the mess at NSE. For me now i have reached a point of telling anyone who care to listen that the way out of NSE is to abandon it. Unless they privatize it, NSE will remain a classic case of bleeding the leach to feed heifer. So it is simple, the people who care about investment in this country can come together and form another stock trading exchange market. Something like Kenya Stock Exchange( KSE ) fully owned by the public

For the investors in NSE this might be very hard dose to swallow but at this rate the place is rotten and in dire need of radical surgery in its literal sense. Yes Nairobi stock exchange needs radical surgery, greater than what a corrupt anti corruption chief once did to the judiciary system. If that is not done soon then investors should as well pack their bags and go. I mean go, take your money , go and keep it under your mattress. It is better being there than in this rotten market.

Someone told me yesterday that i should take it easy and breath deeply. That by all means we have survived the worst bear run seen in Kenya market history. Well that is a good point for the good and transperent stock markets but not for the stinking markets like NSE. The place is full of greedy stock brokers trading on the client’s accounts, good for nothing Capital Markets Authority and the Nairobi Stock Exchange officials. Well this is from a very mad Kachwanya here, what about you?

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