The ignored professionals, they deserve our respect and better pay

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If I was the President i would consider a lot of things, i would try to do a lot of good to the good people of this country. But my priority number one would be turn the social ladder upside down. I would dismantle the social classes both real and imaginary ones. The most basic class distinction is between the powerful and the powerless. People in social classes with greater power attempt to cement their own positions in society and maintain their ranking above the lower social classes in the social hierarchy. So the powerless will do a lot of work for the powerful and they are treated like trash. Look at the following professionals, who dedicate their lives to their jobs and give their best but what do they get in return?

1. Teachers:
What is the value of teachers in your life. Let start with the ones who taught you in nursery school, they had to put up with all the nonsense you threw at them and still managed to extract some resemblance of a reasonable human being from you.

Teaching is the single most important profession in the world and it is timeless. I mean it is the basis of all other professions. Great teachers at the end produces good doctors, good accountants, good public servants, good statesmen, good generals, and good pilots.The greatest knowledge and values gained by students as they grow up are from these neglected bunch of people. They prepare the society for the good working life and it is not off the mark to say that the good in us are the mirror reflections our teachers. This most important profession however does not get the recognition it deserves. As i write this teachers are still silently agitating for their salary increase in Kenya.

Students demonstrating following the teachers strike

Students demonstrating following the teachers strike

For me this should be the highest paid civil servants in any country.

2.Policemen and women:
They risked their lives fighting the criminals, they do the most boring job when everything is ok, that is simply sitting there keeping guard for the okey situation to continue. Overal we put the entire security of the nation in their hands and we still don’t see how enormous the task is.

.The role of the police service is to:

  • Uphold the law fairly and firmly
  • Prevent crime
  • Pursue and bring to justice those who break the law
  • Keep the Peace and stability in the country
  • Protect, help and reassure the community
  • Be seen to do all things with integrity, common sense and sound judgement

Now the above can never happen if you pay the police officer kshs.7000 and put three of them in the a house which could best described as “akumba.” That is why most of them are corrupt, that is why most of them ask for bribes, that is why most of them turn to be criminals. So for me the people who protect the nation deserve to be treated with some respect.

3. Nurses
The high profile nature of doctors in the medicine profession a time leave nurses to be forgotten lots. There is no doubt that doctors play great roles in treatment rooms but sometime the care the nurses give the patients are what lifts their spirit. This is a very difficult job and quite often a thankless one. They work long hours with poor conditions and low pay. Of all the people I know i take a bow for the nurses all over the world. They are the only real remaining angles in this mad world.

The nurses raising their concerns

The nurses raising their concerns

It is high time these great citizebns of the world get recognized and be rewarded for the work well done.
4. Watchmen
Armed with rungus, they stay awake the whole night to fend off gun wielding criminals. Now that is a very risky thing to do, but they do it. So is it for the love of money? Noway these guys are paid around Kshs.4000 per month and their bosses require them to give the ultimate security around the clock. For heaven sake if you depend on someone to protect your life, your property, your offsprings, pay the person well.

5. House Helps
Before a child reached the age of going to school, in the modern time they are basically in the hands of house helps popularly known in Kenya as mboches. Actually the issue of mother tongue should be scraped from the dictionary and be replaced by the word mboch tongue.

Although these people are very important to their own rights, go to any household and you find the cold war between the employee and the employer. The mother of the house who by all means is the boss get into the bloody war with the mboch almost instantly after employment. The issues here ranges from the mboch being more beautiful and therefore a threat to the holder of the house to the silly ones like the opening of the door skills. That aside these people do a lot of work and bear a lot responsibilities in bringing up the tender kids in the house and the overall management of the homestead. People with such great responsibilities deserve to be well compensated….

What is your opinion on the topic?