The worst of Nakumatt tragedy

What is the role a company website? My understanding is that the site should be able to inform the world on what the company all about, what is going on, what is the current situation and the state of affairs. Now shock on you if you are looking for the information on the Nakumatt tragic incidence from their website Almost four days and there is no mention of the fire tragedy on their website. The latest News on their site reads: Nakumatt is now ISO 9001:2000 Certified.Get quality Products and Services at Nakumatt

As usual bloggers are shapping the discussion and informing the world of what is happening in the country but the Nakumatt web management is a big failure as noted by Moses Kemibiro on his blog:

There is unconfirmed report or rumours on the streets of Nairobi that the watchman closed the door of the Nakumatt preventing the people from escaping the fire. The indications is that the management instructed the watchman to inspect people getting out..then the guy closed the door. How painful that was, burning to death while knowing that you could have escaped. In my thinking this was murder by all the definition and if it is true , for real i would like to see the people involved being taken to court and the law taking its course. How lightly do we take the lives of Kenyans?????????

Again here we saw the worst of our police force. The police went ballistic teargassing everyone who was passing around Moi Avenue. Unsuspecting Kenyans from work, colleges met the wrath of our beloved utumizi kwa wote. At one time I thought they had gone nut, they did not put any sign to indicate that the street is out of bounce at that moment. The question is where the police and kenyans are involved there must be teargas? The last time i checked Kenyans are very intelligence people and the notion the police have that the only way to tell them something is through teargas is outregious.

Now before i get out of this i have to mention the city council and their firefighting skills or preparedness. The fire station is one street away from the Nakumatt downtown, just a few meters and it was beyond the understanding that the firefigheters took like 40 minutes to arrive at the scene. And when they reach there, there was no water to fight the fire with.

That left many wondering of what the city fathers are doing? The mayor, town clerk, the local authority minister; can you all come out and tell us when will Kenyans feel they are safe and if there is any accident they could be saved?

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