Fight between two Irrelevant Institutions

It is a wonderful time, it is a golden age in communication, and the world has become a global house. The government may love a lot to control the media but the future belongs to social media. The traditional media houses which the government is fighting hard to control is simply heading to a natural death. May be they have not heard it, may be they are sleeping, may be they are not aware, but there is a new kid in the block called “we the media.” Some of the things the government going to be proud of achieving, will no doubt help “we the media” to grow at tremendous height, take a look at the fiber optic which government will boast of as a landmark achievement in the mid June this year. But one thing remains for sure “we the media” take advantage of this and spreads its wings to the rural villages, we the media will cover from the slope of Mt Kenya to the show of Lake Victoria, from Namanga to Loyangalani, from Busia boarder to North Horr.

By the time we a achieve the vision 2030 ” we the media” would have taken full control of journalism in the world and believe me Kenya will not be left behind.

Now that is where it becomes tricky for the media houses. When “we the media” takes over, the media houses are left without job, they are left without audience, and you know they need you and me to survive. I can bet most of you don’t read the international news on the local dailies why? Simple, by the time they report such stories you had already read it two days ago. The most Unfortunate thing is time is not on their side and integrating with we the media is going to be very hard mmmmh not very hard they just need to be creative. Now that is why you will see all sort of the screaming headlines when you pass your news stand. ” Uproar as Kibaki signs controversial Bill” that is the standard headlines; “Anti-media law signed” that is Daily Nation headlines and many more.

“We the media” sometimes referred to as Mr.bloggers are already shaping the journalism in general in a scale never seen before. Bloggers get around the filter and push their information directly to the public. And may I remind you that we the media ware behind the Time magazine naming their person of the year in 2006 as ?you?.

My take is, this is a war between two irrelevant institutions. The government has lost it and i don’t understand why it is not seeing that. The media houses as they stand now will be completely useless unless they adjust to capture the imagination of “we the media”.

Happy new year guys and check out, that is the starting point for we the media

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