Top Ten Most Influential Women in Kenya

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1.Martha Karua

As a minister of constitutional affairs, there a time when even the mighty Raila had to think twice before confronting her. Her sheer courage is beyond any woman in Kenyan history. Love or hate her Karua is a force to reckon with and now that she wants to be president in 2012, the jury is still out there on how she will perform when that time come.
2. Wangare Maathai.

The Nobel laureate influence is beyond Kenyan boarder, in the same league as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and other Africa great. Not highly appreciated at home as shown during last year election but like Jesus said that is expected
3. Pamela Jelimo

Pamela Jelimo made an impact in her speciality–the 800m race. She not only won the gold for the 800m in the 2008 Olympics but she also is the first Kenyan to win the Golden League Jackpot of $1,000,000. She holds the World Record and the Senior African Record in the 800m.–all before the age of 19. Not bad for one so young. So if the power come with money and fame she has it on the world stage..
4.Charity Ngilu

She is the Kenyan woman political rock star. I can remember in 1997 when she first vied for Presidency ..mazaa ni ya Ngilu was a force to reckon with. What about the day she ditched PNU before 2007 election to join ODM, uhuru park went wild when she arrived in style.

5. Edda Gachukia

You can never miss to know her in the education cycle. If there is a woman version of late DR.Griffin in Kenya, Edda Gachukia would be the one. Let see how far she will steer Starehe Girls Center now that Griffin is not on the seen..

6.Hellen Sambili
The Minister for sport has created some resemblance of order in management of sports in Kenya since coming to the office. Believe me anybody who can tame the voltures in KFF and have the Harambee Stars in the right direction is worth mentioning. Although most sport federations in Kenya are still in a shamble the very good lady is doing something and sport fans are looking forward to the year 2009

7. Njoki Ndung’u

She really dazzled the last parliament with her landmark crusade to make Kenyan safe for women. As nominated member of Parliament her contribution was priceless and way above the lazy lots we elected to represent us. Her opinion on social issuess affecting Kenya is highly sort by the various media organization in Kenya….

8. Caroline Mutoko

In the last few year her influence has wained due the rise and rise of Maina Kageni who definitely have overshadowed all the radio presenters in Kenya. But Mutoko is still on top there, and no wonder she was among the media personalities arrested on Jamhuri day. Her morning show i think is still in top three of most listened to in Kenya.

9. Lucy Kibaki

Now this mama has gone underground since the last election. But you know her and nobody in Kenyan politics now would want to cross her path whatever party you come from. The list of her casualties is too long to mention here. But at her best she ranks on top there as the most influencial woman during Kibaki’s Presidency

10. Margaret Wanjiru

Even before becoming an MP and Assistant minister Bishop Dr.Margret Wanjiru’s influence in Kenya and beyond its borders was already phenomenon. Her Jiam church is attended by who is who in Kenyan society. Her image got a dent when Kamangu came on the picture but now as an MP and Assitant Minister on top of being a Bishop, Wanjiru is among the most influencial women in Kenya today

Others who could have easily made this list are, Idah Odinga, Congestina Achieng, Julie Gichuru, Jecinta Wanjala Mwatela,

Do you have any woman in mind whom i should have included in the top ten. Make your list

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