New year resolutions

Year in year out people make the same mistakes when deciding on their new year resolutions which in most cases get thrown in the dustbin even before the year starts. Here are the few tricks which might just work for you….

Be precise and specific

If the resolutions are vague believe me you will forget about them on the second day of January. Be specific on what you want to achieve in the coming year, if it is going to church weekly, just saying i will go to church is not enough, be precise on which church you will go to, at what time and for how long. If to the resolution is to make money, yeah set a target, how many millions and by what time of the year.

Be realistic

As much as you want to conquer the whole world there some things that can’t be achieved within one year. The trick is to assess the available options and set a realistic targets. If it is to stop doing some bad habits then remember things have to be taken slowly for the conditioning to take effect. So if the resolutions is to stop smoking, don’t beat yourself on the second of Jan if you find yourself taking a puff..mambo ni moss moss.

Stay Positive and optimistic.

Don’t be held in captivity of negativity as you try to set and follow your resolutions. Focus on how well you have been doing and celebrate any small sucesss you have achieved in between. Of course you will encounter the set backs and slip ups but staying positive will help alot.

Have a reward for yourself

Yeah, set rewards for your achievement, the biggest motivation is the drive to win something. At the end if you are rewarded you will keep the candle burning, and the success will keep coming. Most people will laugh at the idea of rewarding themselves forgetting that whatever they do they do it for themselves. So whether it?s a daily, weekly or monthly reward, don?t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back on a regular basis

Picture the bigger scene and the end goal.

Aim to the target but check the variables surrounding the target, don’t set it blindly without considering the if else …..situations and circumstances. We all know that the journey is often as important as the destination; with a resolution, it?s all about the end result. So at the end ensure there is end result.

Be yourself

The greatest thing in life is to be true to oneself. You can fool the whole world but you can’t fool yourself. So do it but be yourself….. Well i got this last bit from

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