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Kenyan sport’s men and women are on the roll. The year started badly for everyone, all the aspects of life ware affected by post election violence. But who could have guessed that such a year with such a horrible beginning could end up being the sports bonanza year for the country.

Kenya?s Harambee Stars exciting 1-0 win against Namibia in a World Cup/Africa Cup of Nations qualifier at Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani yesterday is a classic act of style.

Jamal Mohammed?s excellently taken penalty in late in the first half was the all important item the home team needed to climb to top of Group Two with a final round of matches remaining in this phase of the qualifications. The most amazing thing about Kenyan soccer is how we have raised our standards of playing . Slick passing and short balls are the ultimate demonstration that our homeboys simply play the world most beautiful game beautifully.And that has been rewarded by the outpouring support and adoration of local fans. The last three home games has seen the stadiums filled to capacity with fans from all walks of life streaming in from different directions. The government officials are not left behind and soon we might need the restrictions on the VIP stand mmmmmmmh, you might need to be more VIP to be there. Well these are true prove that the world loves winners.

The above came hot on the heels after great performance by Pamela Jelimo in Athletics Golden league meetings. The 18-year-old Jelimo won the final meeting race to claim the Golden League’s $1 million jackpot. She clocked one minute 55.16 seconds, more than three seconds ahead of compatriot Janeth Jepkosgei and third-placed Kenia Sinclair of Jamaica.

Let not forget to mention the great performance of the Kenyan Olympic team which was ranked first in Africa.What a proud moment for the country, kwa ukweli tunajivunia kwa wakenya.

The question is what has brought this great turnaround in sports? After the problems the country faced at the beginning of the year, i think it might have dawned on us how valuable it is to be one country one people and the importance of loving our country. Remember the olympic team did not even have adequate time to prepare for the games but through sheer will of determination we now know that everything is possible. Yes we can.

The value of sports in the country and even the world is overwhelming. Sports have the power to combat everything wrong with the world from tribalism, racism to low self-image. When Harambee Stars take to stage the fans from every part of the country cheer them with one voice. At that moment nobody cares about Danis Oliech’s tribe. He is a Kenyan representing our beautiful country. When Jelimo pulls that stunning final kicks to win 800metres race, we all shouts at top our voices. And for that i say God bless Kenya, and God bless Kenyan people, you are beautiful and amazing.

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